NameTravel Town
PublisherMagmatic Games LTD
Size125 MB
OS SuportAndroid 5.1 and up
MOD FeaturesAPK Only
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Travel Town opens up a colorful world and endless creativity, where each player becomes a manager, creating and developing a town from the smallest things. This game is not only a journey of self-discovery through each challenging level, but also an opportunity to engage with a diverse community.

When participating in Travel Town, you are not simply a player, you are also a builder of the destiny of a town. Every decision from combining items, handling challenges to interacting with residents directly affects the development of the town. This is a playground that expands not only in terms of space but also in terms of your creative vision.

In addition, Travel Town is also a place for you to show off your strategy and time management abilities. The combination of items creates miracles, transforming an empty lot into a bustling neighborhood, where every citizen finds happiness in every little corner of daily life.

Your journey at Travel Town does not stop at construction and decoration, but is also a place for you to discover the emotional stories of each resident. Every person you meet, every story you hear will be pieces of the puzzle that help you better understand the world around you and feel deeply about life.

Travel Town is more than just a game, it’s a memorable journey that you will never forget. This place welcomes everyone with countless opportunities, from creating your dream city to discovering yourself through each assigned task. Let every day you play the game be a day you make a difference, not just for your town but for your life.

Change logs:

  • July 19, 2024: Added Travel Town 2.12.652 Version.
  • July 09, 2024: Added Travel Town 2.12.651 Version.
  • July 09, 2024: Added Travel Town 2.12.650 Version.

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