Privacy Policy

We are the team at the website, committed to bringing the best experience to the gaming community. To ensure a positive and safe operating environment, we impose a number of regulations that must be followed:

For app users/game players:

1. Review:

  • Ask for an honest and accurate review of your experience.
  • It is strictly forbidden to denounce or make unfounded comments.

2. Personal information security:

  • Appreciate the protection of personal information, do not disclose account information.
  • The system only provides the MOD version of the game, does not collect user information.

For game/app publishers:

1. Fair attitude:

  • Committed to conveying information about the game accurately, without variations or strong impacts.
  • Ensure honesty and transparency in product descriptions.

2. Responsible cooperation:

  • We will review and recommend game versions from trusted sources.
  • Committed to providing trustworthy and safe links for players, not containing fraudulent content.
  • Commit to removing games or applications from appvipo upon request from the developer.

We hope that everyone will participate and maintain this spirit to build a united and developed gaming community together.