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Gardenscapes is a free-to-play popular puzzle game, developed by Playrix and launched on Google Play and App Store on August 24, 2016. The game puts players in the role of a dilapidated garden manager with the task of Solve match-3 puzzles to restore the garden and buildings, while decorating with beautiful items.

In Gardenscapes, players will be greeted by Austin, the dedicated butler, along with other interesting characters. Your journey is to restore the garden to its original beauty by completing hundreds of match-3 levels. Each level offers its own challenges, from rearranging puzzle pieces to finding the necessary items to decorate the garden.

The appeal of Gardenscapes lies in its gameplay combining puzzles and construction. Players must not only overcome match-3 challenges but also use rewards to shop and renovate the garden. This is a unique combination that creates the appeal of the game, providing a rich and interesting entertainment experience.

One of the outstanding features of Gardenscapes is its engaging storyline and beautiful graphics. Each area in the garden has unique structures, from broken fountains to mysterious mazes. Players will have to work hard to restore every little corner, creating a perfect garden. The variety of environments and designs creates a lively and attractive space.

Not only stopping at solving puzzles and building, Gardenscapes also has an in-game social network, helping players update the latest information and make friends with characters in the game. Your adorable dog is also always there to cheer and support, adding to the fun of the gaming experience.

Gardenscapes bring a feeling of relaxation with fresh natural air, helping players dispel fatigue and stress. The work of restoring the garden is not only a task, but also an emotional journey. The care and dedication in every small detail such as planting trees, repairing seats or restoring fountains all bring joy and satisfaction.

Every day in Gardenscapes is a different series of jobs. Players will help Austin clean up the yard, restore trees, and renovate structures. Every step forward in the restoration process brings a sense of accomplishment, motivating players to continue exploring and improving the garden.

An indispensable element in Gardenscapes is the minigames and rewards. Completing fruit matching levels will bring stars and gold coins, helping players shop and decorate the garden more quickly. In addition, the game also has challenges such as extinguishing fires or facing dangers in the garden, adding to the drama and appeal.

Gardenscapes is not just a game, but a story about dedication and creativity. Austin and his friends in the game are always ready to help players, creating a friendly and cohesive community. Interacting with the characters, solving problems, and sharing the joy of restoring the garden are memorable experiences that Gardenscapes offers.

Download Gardenscapes today to start your journey. Join Austin to transform a dilapidated garden into a green paradise, full of life and beauty. Each level, each mission is a step closer to building your dream garden. Gardenscapes are waiting for you to explore and create beautiful memories.

Change logs:

  • July 7, 2024: Added Gardenscapes 8.0.2 version.
  • June 30, 2024: Added Gardenscapes 8.0.1 version.

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