NameX (Twitter)
PublisherX Corp
Size124 MB
OS SuportAndroid 8.0 and up
MOD FeaturesAPK Only
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X, also known as Twitter, is a globally popular online social application created by X Corp. On this app, you have the opportunity to connect with famous personalities such as politicians, businessmen, artists, and many others. X gives you a platform to share your thoughts, stay informed, and engage in vibrant public conversations.

App X is truly a trusted global digital town square. With X, users can post content to share with the world and participate in diverse discussions. From breaking news to personal interests, everything can be found on X. Community Notes helps you stay up-to-date with more accurate and detailed information, providing additional context for what you care about.

Going beyond just sharing written content, X also supports live streaming through Spaces, where you can broadcast audio to your community. Additionally, live video streaming helps you follow sporting events, games, and many other exciting promotional content. For private conversations, direct messages are ideal for connecting with friends and family.

One of the highlights of X is the X Premium feature. When you sign up for X Premium, you’ll expand your reach, get a blue check mark, and discover new features. Not only does this help you stand out in the community, but it also provides the opportunity to make a living by creating exclusive content for paying subscribers and sharing in advertising revenue from your posts.

X also helps users create and join communities around a variety of topics and interests, from sports, music, movies to technology. This feature helps you connect with people with the same passion and exchange knowledge and experience.

Uploading and viewing up to 3 hours of video on X is also a big draw. You can share special moments, instructional videos, or anything else you love without worrying about time limits. Additionally, X allows you to write and read long-form articles such as essays, blogs, product reviews, and newspapers, providing a deeper and richer reading experience.

For businesses, X is a powerful tool to connect directly with customers and grow their business. You can use X to promote products, get feedback from customers, and build lasting relationships with your community.

Founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Noah Glass and Evan Williams, Twitter has become iconic with its blue bird logo. In 2022, billionaire Elon Musk acquired Twitter and changed the name of this social network to X in July 2023. Currently, X has headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA and 25 offices worldwide, continuing its mission of connecting and sharing information globally.

Join X today to connect with the world, share your moments, and discover tons of exciting content from around the world!

Change logs:

  • July 19, 2024: Added X (Twitter) APK 10.50.1-release.0 Version.
  • July 18, 2024: Added X (Twitter) APK 10.50.0-release.0 Version.
  • July 10, 2024: Added X (Twitter) APK 10.49.0-release.0 Version.
  • July 4, 2024: Added X (Twitter) APK 10.48.0-release.0 Version.

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