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OS SuportAndroid 5.1 and up
MOD FeaturesAPK Only
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Township is a farming and city management simulation game where you can turn a simple farmland into a bustling town. Produced by Playrix, this game allows players to perform a variety of activities from farming, raising livestock, building infrastructure to trading with other countries. With diverse and deep gameplay, Township is not only an entertaining game but also a practical exercise in management and development.

Township offers a unique experience in building and growing both farms and cities. You will start with a small piece of land, grow basic crops and raise your first animals. But soon, you will expand your operations, build factories to process products, and even develop commercial services to improve the lives of town residents.

This game also features a rich building and decoration system, allowing you to create a unique and personalized living space. From building basic facilities such as houses, schools, and hospitals, to establishing entertainment venues such as restaurants and cinemas, each choice affects growth and happiness. of the residents of the town.

A special feature of the Township is the ability to explore and extract resources from ore deposits. Not only does this add to your wealth of resources, but it also opens up opportunities to find artifacts, enriching your town with content and history. Managing the zoo and preserving animals is also an interesting part, giving players a more connected feeling with the natural world and protecting the environment.

The combination of farm and city management in the Township creates an efficient time and resource management challenge. Players must consider expanding agricultural land, upgrading processing facilities, and meeting the growing needs of residents. This requires a long-term strategy and the ability to adapt to emerging situations, from natural disasters to special requests from residents.

With the ability to play with friends via social networking platforms, Township also opens up a social space that allows players to interact, cooperate or even compete to see who can build a beautiful and prosperous town. most developed. High customization and variety of activities make this game appealing to many players of all ages.

Township is more than just a simulation game; it is a world where each player can create and develop individually. The combination of agriculture, city management, and community relations makes the Township experience rich and challenging. If you love construction and simulation games, Township will definitely bring you hours of memorable entertainment.

Change logs:

  • July 09, 2024: Added Township 20.0.0 Version.

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