Posted at: April 19, 2024

Mango Live, an online broadcasting platform, has become an ideal meeting place for users who want to show support by sending virtual gifts to idols. Giving gifts not only promotes interaction but also contributes to enriching the online exchange environment. Let’s explore the unique virtual gifts available on Mango Live in the article below!

Types of Gifts Available on Mango Live

  1. Love Gift Package: Including symbols such as hearts and roses, and emotional messages, is a popular choice for users to express their special feelings for idols.
  2. Red Heart Gift Wrap: A symbol of love and loyalty, this gift wrap has a higher value and is often used to show strong support.
  3. VIP Gift Package: Containing symbols related to class and reputation, this gift package is used to express esteem for the recipient.
  4. Pets: Include adorable icons such as dogs, cats, or teddy bears, adding fun and fun to broadcasts.
    Ultimate Fashion Gift: For those who love fashion, these images will highlight the recipient’s personal style.

How to Buy and Send Virtual Gifts on Mango Live

  • Accumulate Coins or Diamonds: Users need to have a sufficient amount of coins or diamonds in their account, which can be earned by watching videos, participating in events, or purchasing from the app store.
  • Choose a Gift: After accumulating enough virtual currency, users choose a gift from the in-app gift shop.
  • Buy and Send Gifts: Users tap the “Buy” or “Send” button to confirm the transaction and select the gift recipient during the live broadcast.


Virtual gifts on Mango Live are not only a means to show support but also create an intimate and fun exchange environment. With a variety of gifts, users can easily choose to send meaningful messages to the people they love, thereby enriching the interactive experience on this platform.

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